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  1. Liambo-235

    172 Ph2 Project clean up - Silver

    Back in a Renault again.. A little history (if this bores you scroll down for the car ;)). My first car back in 2006 was a black Clio mk2 Campus Sport 1.2 16v and loved that car, I then bought a Clio 197 R27 ex demo that I then kept for 3 years and was a very clean car. Photos below..I've been...
  2. H

    R27 FIA rear badge

    Hi everyone Have bought a liquid yellow R27 as I have always wanted one and couldn't let the opportunity pass me by to finally get one. We think there are some elements missing to mine from how I have always seem them in the past, such as the spoiler and front splitter, which we are in the...
  3. Knuckles

    Ly r27 bath

    It's hardly worth its own thread but I gave the car its first proper wash of the year. I didn't do a write up as it was the same process as I always do; wash, decontaminate, glaze instead of polish because I don't have time to correct at the moment, wax and dress the trims. Proper...
  4. D

    Just bought an R27

    Hi, I have just bought a Clio 197 R27 (haven't collected it yet) and it has a milltek cat back and k&n cone filter, I haven't sold my older 197 yet, it has a ktec cat back and k&n panel filter. What are the differences between the KTR and the milltek cat back. would I be better swapping the...