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R27 FIA rear badge

  Clio Sport R27 F1
Hi everyone

Have bought a liquid yellow R27 as I have always wanted one and couldn't let the opportunity pass me by to finally get one.

We think there are some elements missing to mine from how I have always seem them in the past, such as the spoiler and front splitter, which we are in the process of sorting. One element though is the 2006 FIA championship badge, which has seen better days on the rear window..... see below

Having looked online, are we right that this was once a colour badge? and also, are there places to get a genuine one? or are the £6 efforts on eBay the best bet?

Thanks all and we share some pics soon



ClioSport Club Member
  Ph2 172, R34 Skyline
Speak to Alex at Monsta Graphix, tell him Joss recommended you to him.

If you can find a photo of what it should look like, he should be able to replicate it very closely for you. He did this for some inspection stickers on my R34 and they were spot on.