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rear beam

  1. F

    Wheel bearings falling apart faster than governments

    So I’ve been running 20mm spacers on all four corners of my 1.2 mk2 for years. About six months ago my NSR bearing starts grinding gently and then very quickly not gently. I changed the bearing on the NSR buty press doesn’t have the force to get the OSR bearing out. Luckily when I put it all...
  2. dentillozie

    replacing rear beam bushes on axle stands?

    I recently bought some whiteline rear beam bushes as the car is still on the original ones and i figured they could use a change. Im wondering how (im)possible it is to change them on axle stands without taking out the whole rear beam... Leaving brakelines and stuff in place. Is there a hidden...
  3. Carlos_2017

    Rear axle/beam bush

    Hiya lads/ladies, How hard are the rear beam bushes to remove? And is it going to piss me off? Cheers, Carlos.
  4. DaveDreads

    Rear Beam PolyBushes

    Need to replace these as they're buggered, might as well polybush them seeing as the old ones are getting binned, question is do I buy the normal purple ones, or the black series for £7 quid extra, is there a difference, are the black series hard as nails and intolerable, does it matter at all...