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rev counter

  1. B

    Engine Rev Limiter?

    Evening gents What is the standard rev limiter set at in a 172 cup? I just took mine a blast and it was revving to 8k. As far as I’m aware it’s had no cams or anything either. Anyone know? I don’t plan on going that high again anytime soon 😅
  2. tragfx

    Few problems with 1.4L 16v 73kW

    Hi there, I recently bought a Renault Clio 1.4 but since then it's gotten a few problems and I can't seem to diagnose what is. I hope someone here might be of any help. The car sometimes has a check engine light and when checking it with an OBD it says misfire cylinder 3. So I replaced the...
  3. Andy_in_Ireland

    Photo: Circuit Board of Clio 2 dash (speedo/rev counter/petrol gauge/temp gauge)

    Got the Dash out of my 2002 Clio 2 8v Expression at the moment and just thought I would take it apart and take photo of the circuit board behind the dials - (for those who maybe intrigued what's it like but dont want to risk taking it apart like I did) - the bulbs (warning bulbs and...
  4. G

    F7P engine in Mk2 Clio - Tach problem

    Hey, everyone, I'm very new to the forums, and I'm sorry if my english is little bad. I'm from Bulgaria and I have Clio Mk2 ph1 (2000), my old engine - 1.4 16v, or in other words K4J, has died and I buy a new one - F7P 722. I made so many things to fit it to my Clio - the exaust, the wirings...