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F7P engine in Mk2 Clio - Tach problem

  Clio Mk2 1.8 16v
Hey, everyone, I'm very new to the forums, and I'm sorry if my english is little bad. I'm from Bulgaria and I have Clio Mk2 ph1 (2000), my old engine - 1.4 16v, or in other words K4J, has died and I buy a new one - F7P 722. I made so many things to fit it to my Clio - the exaust, the wirings, temp sensor did'n fit as well, but I handle that too, but the only problem I can't solve is the rev counter. I searched in many forums and I asked many people for help, but only thing that I understand is why my tach is not working - this is because the different frequency in old and new engine. So I think I need some kind of frequncy divider to convert 100Hz to 26Hz (I think) or closer to that. I know it wont be 100% precise, but I just want to make the tach work. My last option is to get outer tach but I still believe that I can use the original. I will be very thankful if someone can help me and give me any advice. Thanks.

P.S: The car is already in motion and this is the very last thing to make work.