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Photo: Circuit Board of Clio 2 dash (speedo/rev counter/petrol gauge/temp gauge)

  Renault Clio 4, 2016
Got the Dash out of my 2002 Clio 2 8v Expression at the moment and just thought I would take it apart and take photo of the circuit board behind the dials - (for those who maybe intrigued what's it like but dont want to risk taking it apart like I did) - the bulbs (warning bulbs and backlighting bulbs) all seem to be LED then, no traditional bulbs so you cannot really 'pull out' and replace a bulb if you wanted to (mind you LED are supposed to last forever arent they? - and not go blackened) - am sure you can get replacement LED kits (in different colours as well) , pretty sure I have seen them for sale on ebay.
My particular dash has 'GAS/GAZ' indicator on bottom right , yet I have heard some people have a little icon of a 'gearstick' . It seems behind that icon there are 2 LED chips (bulbs) and i reckon this is why some people say the icon changes from orange to green . - this icon does not work at all for my car. - The cluster is made by French company SAGEM (are they still going?) - everything is done by electrical wires at the back of the cluster - no traditional cable for the speedo like there used to be on older cars. It seems the mileage odometer must be stored on one of those microchips on the main board - I always thought the later cars that had the electronic odometers these days had their total mileage figures stored in the ECU under the bonnet - but there you go I was wrong.

Here are pic's