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  1. T

    What have I bought?!

    Evening all. I bought a 2010 RS last month. Today i looked at the door moulds and realised they were ‘wrapped’ in black. I took them all off and now they are stock AIbi blue. I’ve been reading up on the cup packs and what differences there are. Mine had the Albi blue / Anthracite wheels (now...
  2. W

    Intermittent power loss when in anything above 2nd gear mk3 clio rs200

    Hello. After a good 300 miles battering around the welsh roads in the clio rs200 with no faults whatsoever, a mere 3 days since being home I noticed coming back from a short trip that the car suddenly lost power in 3rd gear. I wasnt thrashing it, I just put my foot down in second a little bit...
  3. H

    Matte Black paint - Plastic Door Black Strip

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendation of what touchup paint sticks to use on the black plastic strip down the door on the Clio RS 200. Please see the image here, as you can see I have a white paint speckle on here from when I purchased it 3 weeks ago. Just wanting to get it touched up...
  4. A

    Hello all!

    Well after having a highly modified turbo charged pocket rocket diesel hatch(Eibach's Fabia VRS demo car) for a few months I fancied a change and bought another Clio(my first car was also a Clio) This is my RS200 Silverstone GP edition car No.32 of 50. The Clio is very different from my Skoda...
  5. R

    Hi, New to the forum

    Evening. I'm Rob, 26. I'm new to the forum. I've been a Volkswagen lad for 10 years but last week I jumped ship and bought myself a Clio 3 RS200. It's a December 2012 Glacier White number with only 24k on the clock. I looked at a good 9 or 10 of them in all forms before deciding. I found the...
  6. RS200-TB

    My First Clio RS

    Hi guys So after an extremely long 3 years of persuading and saving the time has come for me to finally go ahead and buy myself an RS. I had been driving passed one on my way to work everyday and it was always staring at me as I went passed so last Friday I decided to go and have a proper look...
  7. Just Adam


    Hey folks going to do a few mods to my car nothing major just a head unit an induction kit and a reversing camera, looking for some opinions on what to do after that, I would love to change to xenon headlights. Here's the car, induction kit and head unit.
  8. S

    My Renault sport clio rs200 storm grey

    Hi there I'm new to Renaults and I picked up my first clio rs200 today I love it  Got my first show at trax tomorrow
  9. Mitchell Kerr

    Clio Mk3 Project!

    Hey there, new to this forum! All i can say to start off with is that I own a Clio Mk3 facelift but its not an RS. If this offends you then leave, but if you want to see a project that will go somewhere for us who can not afford the RS price then this project is for you! Mods are: AP Coilovers...