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  1. Asher172

    Experience with the Pure Motorsport Shifter?

    Hi All, Hope you're well. Just looking for some advice on the pure motorsport shift kit. Currently the main issue i have with my 172, is when i try to quick shift, i feel the box doesn't like it. It will give you a bit of a crunch if you try to shift quickly. This of course is something im...
  2. skopusnik

    Which gear linkage kit?

    Hey guys, I'm looking after gear linkage kit for my racecar Clio 172. Which one would you recommend? Anyone tried more of them? Is PMS one good choice, or would you recommend any other? Thanks for help!
  3. T

    Clio mk3 shift knob replacement

    Hi I have bought a mk 3 clio ripcurl and it is in desperate need of a new shift knob I want to put a likewise shifter in it but need the diameter of the shifter sharft "or what ever the technical term is ?" to know what size adapter to buy, if anyone knows this it would be greatly appreciated
  4. J

    Clio 197 Reverse Gear Blocked - Intermittently

    Hi there, new to the forum but I’m just after a little advice if possible as no one local to me can understand what could be going on with the reverse selection in my Clio 197! So, a bit of a random one but I've recently purchased a Clio 197 which is an amazingly fun piece of kit, but every now...
  5. leeds2592

    Can't Select Reverse Gear

    Hi all, Recently fitted a modified shifter curtesy of @Ash-b-84 and it has been spot on until last night. I'd been driving it earlier in the day and it was fine, I get home, park it on my drive, come to get in it to go somewhere a few hours later and it won't go into reverse. When I pull the...