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  1. J

    172 Cup Hillclimb / Sprint Car

    Hi, This is my first project thread on here. I wanted to start a thread to document my attempts to get into racing, my development as a driver and my cars development... My Background In from Sheffield, been obsessed with cars since I was a kid, went to University to study Automotive...
  2. GrahamV182

    M100CUP - RB 182 Sprint and Hillclimb Car

    Chapter 1 – How on earth did I get to own a Clio? 2016 will be etched in my memory for 3 main reasons - Brexit referendum; Trump being elected as the leader of the free world; After 50 years of motoring I bought my first French car – a Racing Blue (RB) 182 for Hillclimbing and Sprinting...
  3. Brushwood69

    The still not sure what to build build thread

    So I have posted asking for ideas but time and circumstances has over taken me! I normally race an Audi TT with 340bhp but recently during an event the new hybrid turbo blew and I'm having it replaced. However I compete in the ASWMC Hillclimb & sprint rounds and had a sprint at Treloy nr...
  4. Brushwood69

    Advise to Rally, Track or Sell

    Hi All, I'm looking for advise as to what to do with my Clio Cup 182. I bought it on a whim as it was too good to miss but.... I already sprint this.. Co-drive in this And just bought this and already sprinted it! So what do I do with the Clio? Invest money and turn it into a Rally Car...
  5. B

    Bristol Clio Cup

    Bristol Motor Club are proposing to run the Bristol Clio Cup, exclusively for normally aspirated Renault Clios. In 2017, it is proposed that the cars will compete in two sprints at Castle Combe Circuit, one at Llandow Circuit (near Cardiff) and two AutoSolos in Chepstow. All the events are...