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  1. C

    2007 Clio 3 1.4 starting problems

    Hello everyone, I am encountering some really weird starting problems with my MK3 Clio. I've searched all over but haven't found anything related to this actual behaviour. When i try to start it, no MIL/check engine comes on, only the airbag and ABS and the lovely key light; immo stays solid...
  2. N

    Start up noise

    Had this noise today for couple of mins on start up any ideas?
  3. W

    Clio starting problem - fixed

    Hi...thought i would post this solution on here as despite pleas for help on the renault and RAC forums (with no replies) the best advice/guidelines came from searching this forum. 1.2 16v 2004 clio Fault was... Turn ignition on, fuel pump relay clicks 5/6 times, fuel pump doesn't prime, engine...
  4. RobBrodie

    Intermittent Starting Issue

    Afternoon Guys Can't really find anything with a search on this When i turn the key the starter motor engages and it turns once or twice but then just before the car starts it just stops I wouldn't say the starter dies off, it just stops and i get a slight buzzing which i'm fairly certain is...
  5. 20vKarlos

    Starting problem... new battery, won't start! n

    Right guys, Yesterday I went to pick up my bargain Clio 172, I was told prior to winning the car that it just needed a battery and it would start up. It was last started a month ago by the kiddies dad. I arrive, change the battery and nothing happens, not even a click... so I was thinking...
  6. C

    Over fueling Please help

    i have a 1.4 16v 2000 mk2 It's mainly in the cold morning but can do it anytime but it will Rev it's self really high and if you try to drive it will just cut out like its flooding it's self and then won't restart straight away and it's stinks of over fueling. There is no warning lights or no...
  7. C

    Cold start problem

    My Renault Clio mk2 1.4 16v doesn't seem to like the cold. If it's cold out side when I first start it it will Rev it's self really high up in the revs and if I try to drive it will just bog down and stop. Sometimes when I I'm driving and the car it's at operating temperature it will do the same...
  8. A

    Common Electrical Failure Points

    Just going through sorting the issues with my "new" 172. To date I've hit the following electrical problems: - door open light on all the time, all sensors seem fine, nothing on CLIP, - a week ago, the starter wouldn't turn over intermittently, but started in the end. I'm tempting fate, but that...
  9. A

    Intermittent Starting Problem

    I've just driven over 100 miles in my 172, stopped to fill up with fuel and the engine won't turn over. This started happening for the first time on Friday, was fine before that. The car has a cut out switch fitted which will kill all the electrical power. At first I thought I'd partially...
  10. j0bj0sh

    2005 clio 182 trouble starting sometimes. seems random

    hi, my 182 is struggling to start sometime, more often then not. it smells really rich when start up too drove for a long journey at the weekend and averaged 35-40mpg so cant be too bad when driving i've got a decat fitted and exhaust . this month ive replaced all four injectors updated crank...