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stud conversion

  1. W

    Spacers, What are people running?

    Hi guys Looking to purchase some Hubcentric spacers for my 182 track car. Currently the car is on cup shocks and Eibach springs and I will also be running a Stud and nut kit. I know every set up is different and everyone has their own preference but I'm just curious what people are running...
  2. Archtects

    Wheel studs and nuts. Best length?

    Hello. Looking to get some studs, I take my wheels of a fair bit and I'm fed up with horrible rusty bolts. + I got new wheels. One I've finished spraying them and cleaning them up. (I brought them black. Crumbling black) I'm not running Spacers. And my wheels are only et35. Do you think...
  3. Archtects

    Wheel studs lengths. No Spacers.

    Ive been searching around and alot of people have asked similar questions. But I need help. I'm hoping I'll be getting some new fox ms006 wheels and I want to use studs, quick change for the odd track days hopefully. I understand front back stud lengths are different? Basically Id like to put...
  4. Raceface_13

    Stud conversion=Death?

    Hey guys, Seen a lot of posts (especially recently) about wheel stud conversions failing and loosing a wheel on track, even after being torques up after each session etc. Are some people unlucky or doing something wrong or are they still a safe thing to do? want to do mine for spacers and ease...