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timing belt

  1. H

    Cambelt tensioning with keyed Crankshaft Pulley Clio 182

    Hi everyone, I am currentlty changing the timingbelt on my 182 and decided to swap the crankpulley for the keyed one. Now I have the problem, that following the standard guide I am not able to get the tension right and distribute the tension even on the belt. Is it possible to go past the 12'o...
  2. C

    How to lock the flywheel

    Currently doing the timing belt on my 1.2 16v clio 2 D4F and I’m struggling to find a tutorial online and when I think I find a good one they have different looking parts but apparently are still a “D4F engine” most of them have a way of locking the flywheel but I have no where to!! Can someone...
  3. C

    Timing belt clio 2

    I’ve got a timing belt kit for my 1.2 16v 2004 clio, does anyone have any experience with doing this and can recommend some tools to make it easier? how difficult is the job? I really don’t want to knacker my engine some people say it’s a really easy job and I hope that’s the case I’ve done a...
  4. G

    Need some help diagnosing

    Hi guys, I’m based in Australia and got myself an rs 172 about a year ago. It had had a couple of owners and service history showed a water pump change, accessory belt change and a few bits and pieces. I drove her for about 10,000 km but nothing in anger. I became worried about the unknown...
  5. ifti7

    Timing belt or chain?

    Hi everyone I’m looking to buy a Mk3 Clio, it’s a 2010 1.5 DCI dynamique and I forgot to check if it has a chain or a belt when I went to view the car. I texted the dealer and he said it’s a chain and therefore doesn’t need replacing. The car is at 102,000 miles with a full history.
  6. Posty07

    Strange noise once car is warm, only on Idle

    Hi all, I've seen a single thread from 2016 about this but it wasn't conclusive and after taking the car to a few garages (or 2 a few times) I'm no closer to actually sorting this noise! It's a weird sort of chirping noise which which appeared after the timing belt was changed, they did water...
  7. Ryannn982

    Trying to diagnose whether my timing has slipped.

    Hi everyone, I’m a bit stumped with this issue so hoping someone can help! Got a 2003 172 that I’ve been planning to use for motorsport. Unknown timing belt history and I’ve only had it a few weeks. Driving it particularly hard today and under deceleration I hear a large metallic rumbling...