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  1. W

    Spacers, What are people running?

    Hi guys Looking to purchase some Hubcentric spacers for my 182 track car. Currently the car is on cup shocks and Eibach springs and I will also be running a Stud and nut kit. I know every set up is different and everyone has their own preference but I'm just curious what people are running...
  2. N

    Cheap Track car 182 BG

    Hi all just recently brought a 182 for a cheap track car/mid life crisis as my wife calls it, even tho my daily is an Pulsar Gti-R. Its has K-tec Exhaust, Ram Air panel Filter, so need a few more bits. Currently working in South Africa till Jan, so stacking up parts at my mates house.
  3. RossDC

    Track Clio 182 cup (pic heavy)

    Morning all. Thought it was about time I registered and stopped lurking. Currently share a Clio 182 Cup with my co-driver Steve that we use exclusively for trackdays. Bought about 6 months ago we've built it up at home into something we're now pretty happy with. I come from a background of...
  4. S

    Mk1 Posi VTS

    So I decided to stray away from boosting the 182, a lot of thought went into it and various comments/advice from other members, I looked at it from other points of view. My main thought was that it's my daily (other than a works van) so if it turned into a problem/money pit, I'm stuck. After...
  5. Martin.

    Martin's Track Clio 182 Project Thread

    I've been on here for a good couple of years now, but have always been against the idea of starting a thread for my track toy, mainly because I couldn't be bothered. I've been slowly collating all of my photos though and they are now stored reasonably well. So I thought I would make a change...