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  1. loggyboy

    Trophy - Hook Tesco

    Not Badgers, Despite being unwashed made mine look filthy, and tatty!
  2. N

    Trophy in Derby

    Spotted you in the Sauvsburys at the Wyvern whilst I was getting fuel for my trophy
  3. Martin_172

    trophy sachs damper refurb

    Cant find any recent threads on these, where is everyone having these done now and i see people mentioning upgraded parts from the twingo r1 sachs, whats all the info i need! Mine are goosed!
  4. Martin_172

    Martin_172's Trophy Number 248

    Went to view this on Friday and picked it up Today (Monday) Trophy number 248, an absolute minter with only 54k on the clock, unmarked, recaros immaculate etc just one wheel that's had a wee kerb mark Owned by a few OCD owners, had its first service at only 700 miles!! Dampers were...
  5. G

    Y*05 Trophy - Borrowash

    Spotted today on Nottingham Road at approximately 17:30. CS member?
  6. Fudge

    Clio trophy Edinburgh

  7. D

    Trophy & Silver 172 - Mansfield

    Trophy driving past Sutton McDonald's this afternoon. Reg ended in CCO. Silver 172 with tinted windows near spot on snooker. Reg ended in ZRE I think. Not seen either around here before, anyone on here?
  8. Keith185

    Trophy Rhuddlan/Kinmel bay

    Spotted between rhuddlan roundabout and Kinmel bay roundabout at around 9am this morning?
  9. welshname

    Trophy Spotted, Failsworth, Ashton Road West

    Saw you at the junction to Brierley Ave at 5:49pm. Looked clean, don't know if you're on here or not.