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  1. B

    Clio 182 Suggestions?

    Hi all, So I have a clio 182. I’m looking to get some advice on what to do next. This will be long so if you don’t want to read it all just at least choose a category and help me please :) Maintenance I’d like to get some new tie rods and wishbones for the front of my car. Although they would...
  2. R

    F4R proven tuning spec list please

    This is my first post and I apologise if it is a question asked 10000 times. I’m currently a 182 owner. However I am looking for help to spec a F4R build. I’m very likely to use K-tec itbs but apart from that I’m wondering about which camshafts would be best. And if arp bolts, head gasket etc...
  3. J

    Need a place in the uk to remap my 1.2tce

    Stage two/three I don’t know all I know is this. 1.2tce Clio with the following modifications: Decat exhaust Full stainless steel exhaust system 172 (250cc) injectors 1.6 Corsa vxr intercooler ITG panel filter (but who cares about that) I’ve been looking for a couple weeks now for a tuning...
  4. Molzo

    My First project a Clio MK3 TCE 1.2 SX (girl owner)

    Hi guys, for some reason my images will not show on my original post so I am trying again :) Here's Leo when I first got it. Standard extras included: Panoramic front and rear sunroof. Rear brake discs. Privacy glass. Sx body kit. Front fog lights. Heated mirrors. Electronically adjustable...
  5. C


    Hi guys, Back After a few months gap off the forum.... So I have a 04 Clio 182. Tidy, straight clean car both cosmetically and so far mechanically! (No evidence of the dephaser change :(! ) I bought the car as a weekend car but now want to turn it into a TRACKDAY car... My budget is quite tight...
  6. S

    Clio III TCe 100 injectors and remap

    I have a Clio 3 TCe 100, love the car, love the engine, just think it needs 15 - 20 extra hp to get it to 'hot hatch' level fun. I've read that an off-the-shelf remap will take it to 125hp, but I'm sceptical because I know the standard injectors are hitting nearly 100% duty cycle. Does anyone...
  7. S

    TCe 100 fuel injectors

    Hi all, new to forum, looking for some advice. I own a Clio mk3.5 1.2 TCE 100. I like the engine, it's nice and revvy for a turbo car, but seems lack throttle response. I'm thinking of getting a remap done, but I've heard doing this on the standard injectors will result in little/no power gains...
  8. R

    172 Best mods

    Hey guys, i live in Australia and have recently purchased a standard 172. What would be the first on the list of mods that dont break the bank... want to increase power and torque and handling . i hear that k-tec are good for tuning softwear and DIY kits... ???? Any guys in Australia thats...