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  1. M

    Upgrade stock Radio to OEM navigation

    Hello, i've been wanting to upgrade my renault clio 3 mk1 from 2007 radio to an newer navi version from 2009. I've looked at some wiring diagrams and some of them don't match up. Does anyone know about an earlier project or a wiring harness? If I manage to finish my project I'll surely update...
  2. Green51

    Mk2 1.2 Dynamique: Larger Brake Discs?

    I have recently purchased 260mm brake discs from the advice of a thread here, turns out my 1.2 peasent spec have 238mm discs installed. (I should have believed the auto part sites). I can always sell the discs on but then that got me wondering... How much work would it require to fit these...
  3. RichAwty

    First car, first post

    Hey just started using this so thought I'd say hi and maybe see if anybody has any words of wisdom for me. Quick background on me: I'm 24 but only recently started driving because it wasn't feasible while I was at uni. My first car is an ex-write-off (small dent in door) Clio Dynamique 1.2 16v...
  4. H

    Clio mk3 phase 1 Halogen headlight Upgrade to 197 Genuine Xenon headlights Guide

    hi guys i will be Making a full guide of me changing my halogen projector lights to genuine Oem xenon's, off a clio 197 2007 1st my car is a phase 1 mk3 clio 1.5 dci (also know as clio 3) pictures will be up soon there is a lot of confusion about will it work? you need a different loom? etc etc...