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Upgrade stock Radio to OEM navigation

  Renault Clio 3 MK1
Hello, i've been wanting to upgrade my renault clio 3 mk1 from 2007 radio to an newer navi version from 2009.
I've looked at some wiring diagrams and some of them don't match up.
Does anyone know about an earlier project or a wiring harness?

If I manage to finish my project I'll surely update this thread!
  Renault Clio 3 MK1
Yeah I got that bit, but if you're hoping it will be a much improved system I think you'll be very disappointed.
That may be so but I already got everything prepared. Including the old cables. All I need to do is connect it to my car cables. If you know anything about anything that can help me out. That would be appreciated.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 197
Have a look on the 197 forum, as theres a 197 it has been done on. Best place to look for Mk3 mods (sports and non-sports)