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  1. JKeillor94

    Mk3 wipers

    Soooo, i have a mk3 and im wanting a sunstrip since the visors are b****cks.. looking at a 6" strip, wipers will undoubtedly wipe over it.. Anyone here with a mk3 run shorter wipers with a sunstrip? Looking to see whats the best size to get 😁
  2. MaxB

    Recommended wiper blades

    Hi, I have a set of 21" Bosch aerotwin on my MK2 and on the drivers side they don't wipe the screen properly at the end of the blade due to the curve in the screen. I have tried a set of conventional style Valeo Silencio blades and these also had the same problem. Is there any wipers that...
  3. MaxB

    Bosch aerotwins not contacting fully

    I recently fitted a set of Bosch aerotwins to my MK2 and have found that the end of the drivers side blade doesn't contact the screen. Has anyone had this issue and would it be possible to heat the wiper with a hair drier and bend it in order to make it contact the screen?
  4. C


    So I've been having issues with my wipers for a long time, they always seem to just stop. I went down the route and followed the guide of making sure the linkages were not seized but still the problem continued. I then went and ordered a new motor which I have fitted today.. again still not...
  5. Andy_in_Ireland

    how do you remove wiper stalk on a Clio 2?

    hiya - how would i remove wiper stalk on a 2002 clio 2 ? - can i replace it without having to take off steering wheel? - can i just remove top and bottom steering column cowls and just remove some screws and take the wiper stalk out or do i have to remove steering wheel? cheers
  6. ripp

    Side mount wiper arm conversion

    Ever since the aero blades came as a retrofit option I always had the impression that they don't look so good on older cars, that was mainly because it was obvious they weren't a factory fit. Plus the fact that they don't fit the screen very well as I'll show bellow. Anyway, I got an obsession...