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  1. sam55

    Driving an 800hp Everrati GT40 - video

    Finally, we've been allowed to go live with our review of the Everrati GT40 MkII, which uses a genuine continuation chassis and body, and two electric motors. It produces 800hp and 800Nm of torque, although this prototype was capped at 100mph. Given how slippery Rockingham was that day, I was...
  2. sam55

    Fiesta m285 against the stopwatch

    New video live here - and it's a bit more Clio-relevant than my other recent ones, what with the car on screen feeling in many ways like the Renault Sport Clio 200's spiritual successor. I really want to send my 182 around for a timed lap, but don't want to deal with the brake and tyre wear...
  3. sam55

    Kona N tested flat out on track - plus some sensible stuff

    We’ve a new video review live on YT, but this time it features the Hyundai Kona N. Which, despite being a crossover, is one of the most fun and engaging sub-£40k driver’s cars on sale. No joke. It can do the crossovery stuff well enough, but what amazed me was its ability to hammer around a...
  4. sam55

    New vid: BMW iX first drive - y'know, the one with the GRILLES

    Is there a more divisive car on the internet at the moment? Probably. But this has to be one of the biggest opinion splitters out there. Still, when BMW invited me to come and have a go in its 523hp, 100kWh iX xDrive50, I leapt at the chance. Despite not even coming close to accepting its...
  5. sam55

    New vlog on the Jaguar F-Type V6 S's used credentials. Yay or nay?

    To keep up the output on the cinch YT channel, I had a go at a vlog-style video, shot quickly and with fewer cameras than the previous vid, and edited in a simpler way. It's on a used Jaguar F-Type V6 S (that we were using for a sports sponsorship shoot), which at £37k ish I thought represented...
  6. sam55

    What happens to an EV after 0% battery? Video!

    Hi all, shameless plug of our latest video here - but I figured some on CS might appreciate it. We do something that's admittedly been done before, but this time it's with three hot-selling electric cars that hail from three different segments. Our question is: What happens to an EV beyond 0%...
  7. DeeKay86

    Studio Lighting - Help?

    Hello everyone!! I'm moving soon, and will finally have a space for a "YouTube Studio". Which means I need some studio lighting. Been looking at these kits that have 4 fluorescent bulbs in a soft box, you get the stand etc and everything you need for around £90. Budget is around £100 and in...