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£200ish HU

Anyone have any ideas as to what Hu to get??

Been thinking of the Pioneer DEH-P77MP. Heard good stuff about it.

Any others worth considering?? Dont need millions of pre-outs as its for my dad and he not gonna amp anything up. Probably run aftermarket speakers from the HU itself.

Quote: Originally posted by psychy on 19 August 2005
Quote: Originally posted by Ben j on 19 August ?[/QUOTE]yeah, im member of talkaudio already. Just wanted to see what you guys overhere think.

cool, just thought u could then look thro all that price range
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got to b the pioneer deh-p77mp, for £210 u cant go wrong, used to have a kenwood kdc9590r top of the range bout 4 years ago which i paid £350 for and this beats it hands down. supplys a very strong signal to amps, i had to turn down the gain quite alot on both my v12s and they still kick. very good hu u wont b dissapointed.

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forgot to say noticed the improvment in sound quality strightaway, got my front door spks hooked on hu and they sound sweet 4x50w