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£7000 engine build on Clio

I was browsing through an old MAX Power magazine at the garage today and saw a Clio with £11000 worth of ICE and £7000 Hill Power Mods etc.

Is this anyones car here? If so can you lend me a tenner please?

Yeah i remember reading that, was he like 20 or something and owned a Lexus before the clio? I think he also said its up for sale.

The bloke must be minted

Yeah thats the guy! Sounded a right ***** but the car sounded great!

I think it was a case of stamping his feet infront of mummy and daddy for the cash by the sounds of things!

Was a nice conversion though and I would love that engine in mine:D
  clio 20v

yeh but he was a dick head he bought it with the engine work and then weighed it down with loads of ice

wots the point


Exactly mate, all i can think of is, if i had 11K to spend on my car, a good 10 of that would be on engine work.....ahh i can just imaging it now....

ooops i just drooled on my keyboard.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I saw this car last saturday in the flesh. its a beast. Look in the discussion forum for the topic valver on throttle bodies for a couple of nice pics of the engine!!

yeqah its meant to be completely knackered now and up for sale. think nicks doin it all over again cos its been ragged to death.

someone on rsc said that kid whos mum bought him the car "as a toy" killed it. apparently it looks in terrible nick now.

was seen that the weekend at HP.

what a waste