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‘Claud’ The RB 182


ClioSport Club Member
Finally after months of searching I collected this 182 today.

Up early at 5am to beat the traffic and get across to Wales from Kent.

Here’s some naff pics. It’s pretty much mint but there’s a few little bits I want to tidy up and work I want to do. It’s survived the drive back anyway !

The car itself is as tight as a drum, the only annoyance so far is the PMS shifter which is noisy and properly bloody annoying ! Surely there’s a remedy for this?

Some s**t pics ….



ClioSport Club Member
Looks a Nice example mate, id sell the PMs shifter to me and put a standard one in 🤣

But in seriousness there are some things that can be done with lead shot and the like, worth a search on here.

Got a couple of little bits to sort but honestly it’s in great Nick (I’ve got crushing ocd)

I’ll take a look, cheers!

We do have our first casualty though!



ClioSport Club Member
Out today working through my ocd 😂

Started with the interior which has been steamed and cleaned within an inch of its life. It was decent anyway but looks great now.

Got a door handle to replace and a few ‘sticky’ trims I need to deal with (any ideas ??) as well as the front seat belts which need a scrub.

On to the exterior next before it goes under cover.

Have a few plans with this car which I’m still finalising



ClioSport Club Member
You don't need to put any weights in the shifter, you'll ruin it.

Put a new bearing in, rubber o-ring at the bottom of the carbon lifter against the collar, rubber seal between shifter and car, rubber boot on linkage filled with red grease

Useful. Cheers


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi TT RS Clio 182
My PMS shifter hardly makes, I used dynamat on it inside of the tower and I keep the bearing greased.

Stay Puft

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
That looks fantastic. Dont recall seeing it up for sale.. was it fair price or extortion like most RB’s?


ClioSport Club Member
That looks fantastic. Dont recall seeing it up for sale.. was it fair price or extortion like most RB’s?

It was advertised on market place and unlike most cars on market place it didn’t turn out to be s**t.

It wasn’t a bad price, I’ve got crushing ocd so there’s a few bits I want to get sorted. It’s very clean underneath and drives spot on. 100k miles and good history.

Very happy. My neighbours aren’t though as I’ve got a bit of a fleet of vehicles in the making 🤦🏽‍♂️💩


ClioSport Club Member
Sell me this once you’re done with it, there i said it.😂

This is what usually happens with my cars and bikes. I spend as much as it costs making it perfect and then sell it 😂😭

It’s got so bad with bikes now that my mate Tim tells me he’ll have it off me in a year about an hour after I’ve purchased it 🤦🏽‍♂️

Mr Underhill

ClioSport Club Member
The 16" Turinis make a huge difference on the RB, especially in factory Anthracite or Silver.

It's subjective of course, but the only wheels I think look better are the original TD Pro Race 1.2s or Evo Corse X3MA 15" but you've got to lower the car to fully appreciate them. And then ruin how they drive on our pot hole ridden roads.
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