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Narffs Racing Blue 182 (Backdated and Pic Heavy)


ClioSport Club Member
I also wanted to check out the bonnet and treat any rust.


removed the sound/heatproofing carpet


A new bonnet catch is on the list but for now i'm just going to clean up and grease the old one. Cleaned up the bonnet


I think the bonnet will need a respray at some point anyway so I'm just going to treat the rust and repair with the airbrush.


Treated with hyrdate80 and filled some of the main cavities with bilt hamber


I will then zinc coat and touch up with the airbrush and J45 then clear and cut it back.

I had a load of leather offcuts and my gaiter is a bit tatty so thought I'd have a go at making another.


Made a pattern from the old one




I regret the yellow stitching as it's naff, The machine I'm using is older than I am and I'm sure the timing is out. Its very hard to run a straight stitch but it will do for now. I will make another with black stitching.


Some more goodies arrived. I managed to get the passenger side subframe brace bar thingy brand new. For some reason the left side components are in a worse state than the drivers side. I'm plodding along little by little.



ClioSport Club Member
So I touched up the underneath of the bonnet. The blend is already pretty good but I can always cut it back once it's cured, It's not high on the list though as it looks acceptable for the underneath of a bonnet.


I was a bit lazy so excuse the over-spray. The washer hose will be replaced anyway and I will get around to cleaning up the plastics.



I took the latch and catch off for a good clean also



I then gave them a rust bath for good measure and then a coating of ACS 200, which I find lasts longer and preforms better than ACF-50


I will let it dry and then grease the springs and catch back up.

The inlet got a wash with de-grease, I also tried some alubrite to see if that helped clean it up


Gave the inlet a few coats of etch primer, and started prepping the slam panel. Snapped the clip strike plate bit while getting it off which is annoying. If I can't get hold of a replacement I design and print one.


I will see if I can make my booth a bit bigger for some of these parts while it all cures, they're still small enough for my airbrush which gives a much nicer finish than rattle cans or a my cheapo spray gun.

I noticed I seem to be missing a metal guard on my ECU, mines just got a plastic plug cover at the moment so I ordered one from BTT that I will strip and re-paint.


East of England
ClioSport Area Rep
The cigarette lighter isn't working. Having a squint down in there, its very rusty! so I took it out and got the Dremel with a wire brush attachment to sort it out

I also saw there was a light that was not working, so I got hold of the bulb and changed it

View attachment 1543302

View attachment 1543303

I forgot an after picture but the contacts were all clean and it all works fine now

View attachment 1543304

Changed the interior lights to LED's also, they actually light things up now!

View attachment 1543305

View attachment 1543306

View attachment 1543307

View attachment 1543308

I broke the mirror putting it back ... A new sun visor is now on the list

View attachment 1543309

A big boy for the boot

View attachment 1543310

View attachment 1543311
What was the bulb in the cigarette lighter please? I’ve tried search’s but can’t seem to find out what it is.