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ClioSport Club Member
  2010 clio rs200
I bought an rs200 cup back in January last year, yeah the fully specd with recaro seats etc, (road going track car) was probably a bit of a spur of the moment thing?! I've always been a bit of a clio man even back all them years ago when I purchased a brand new clio 1.4 sport maxim, only 4 my brother to put into a shuck backwards!! Anyway I could go on forever about my clios thereafter but I probably need to write a book to cover that🙄 getting bk to my purchase from a very well known car dealer that sells everything from Aston Martin, porsche's and the likes!
My heart has been broken every since but I have stuck by my clio, at least 4 now
Car failed very first night with battery death, yeah alternator fukd, dealer took the back for a full week and only refurb the part apparently no new battery needed!! Anyway from then till now I've easly spent almost what the car cost to keep it as it should, new timing belt water pump etc. Wiper motor replacement, new coil pack high performance plugs, new battery, the list just never stopped, most heart breaking of all was in March stuck in the snow and apparently lambda sensor precat came loose and melted on the exhaust, no plug left 2 identify which wires connected to what and again renault couldn't give me an answer! 6 months later and another & 1500 down the drain, should I really keep my faith!! Only had the car back 4 days motd taxed insured and what happened yes, fell off steps at work and broken my heel, wtf! Living on the sofa for the 3rd week out of at least 6, looking at my clio though the window!!
Not open for further replies.