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1.2 16v Modifying Air filter box

  1.2 16v Dyn. MK2. PH.2
Hey, this is my first post!!!

I have been looking at the air intake and filter for my 1.2 16v 2004 clio to try and get a better sound. I noticed that the air box has a large hole in the inlet which then goes up to a large sealed box in the top of the filter box. Does anybody on here know how to modify the box to get better performance or sound eg. drilling/cutting??? And does anybody know what is up with the hole in the inlet to the box?

I couldnt upload any pictures to show you but im sure you know what im on about.

Thanks in advance.
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
drop him a pm mate "martin_89" hes a sound lad, he mite go take some pics if u ask nicely