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1.2 dynamique

any1 who owns 1 of these what do u think of them. cos i am thinkin of gettin 1.

what is the performance like?

have you had any problems with it?

Well i think mine was a bit of a bargain, i got an extreme which has the cd player and a few bits throwed in. I also got Climate Control as on the 172 for free from the dealer!

The chassis is good but far too much roll personally but its not for performance buyers lets face it. Brakes are ok but need upgrading. I personally havent been in a 1.2 which has had as much get up and go so although its a lot slower than a valver i think youd be pleasantly suprised.

Mechanically i havent had any serious problems though it doesnt feel quite like a new car should be, it doesnt always like starting, and is overall a bit temperamental. Same said for gearbox.

In summary, its cheap to run, nice looking and good fun to drive.


yes I have on I love it to bits. I did get a very good deal on mine.

You get good value for money. It is a very nice drive and handles the road very well. I live in a little village just outside of basildon and I drive down alot of country roads.

I did have a few problems with some warning lights keep flashing it did not take long to put that right.

It starts nicely and did feel like a new car (its a year old know but have had it since new) still does, nice gear changes, good pull-aways.

Overall I think you will find that it is a very nice car!

Excelletn value for money

Its gotta be the fasest 1.2 around you can easily beet equvalent corsas adn fiestas etc.....

I loveit and it is a good car for ice

it acts like a large bass box!

i love mine!

too common in black now though!
  Renaultsport Clio 182

I have a Dynamique and a well pleased with it!!!:D (Although have got it today as it being colour coded!)

Had no probs with it only the dealership from whom a bought it from!!

Great little car, handles wells and looks goods

  Renaultsport Clio 182

I hope so cant wait !! Only went in the morning and my mate who is doing it said it can take up to two days!!! I want it back now!!!
  Renaultsport Clio 182

Well i a have got the 172 side strips of reno they were bout £80 and they make all the difference! nice and smooth so i have been told!!

And coz it is a mate his is doing for £180 and a pint!

Where abouts are you? Coz i told him how much would he do other peoples, looking about 200-250, depends on what you want?

I having done side strips, front/rear bumpers, door hanldes and rear spoiler

BTW i am in Coventry

  Lionel Richie

Ive got one and mine has been seriously abused sine July 2001!!!! Its done 31500miles now, and ive had no major promblems. It rattles like hell, but thats due to me taking the car apart, anyway, thats what the stereo is there for!!!

Good cars, quicker than everyone thinks

Fred (owner of the UKs most powerful 1.2 16V!!!)

I want to start by having the bumper strips sprayed.

Then i will decide what I want to do with it. I also have a nice scratch down one side of the car where someone has a keying problem or had a problem with my car so that needs doing to.

BTW i am from essex


  Audi TT Stronic

Quote: Originally posted by Chris H on 27 March 2003

come on people there must be more than 1 person has 1 of these.
Well I will be "downgrading" ;) to a 1.2 dynamique for 3 days while my 172 is in for some repairs.

I will give you an honest opinion then.



Ive had a dynamique and an extreme, essentially the same car. I think there is no other car that can match the spec for the money. Having had a punto before, I thought the standard hanfling was good. The brakes are excellent.

There are loads modding possibilties. Colour coding makes a massive difference especially as on the platinum that Ive got at the mo

Ive definatley got the clio bug as im about to get another one!!! (11days to go!!!)

I was going for a 1.2 but i hired one from a local firm for a weekend and having dropped down from a 1.6 16v megane i found it a bit too much of a power drop, went for the 1.4 16v and now engine seems to be ran in she performs excellently!

Brilliant little cars although when you buy it request that the airbag wiring modification is done before collection, just involves them securing the wires under the passenger seats. Stops warning light coming on.

Brilliant specification push the dealers very very hard on everything except mats, standard renault ones are cr*p. Ideally get very low finance rate get a quote off AA first then get renault to match, get free climate control if possible,

Colour coding as said earlier makes great difference although I didnt bother with 172 side strips and I dont regret it as from a distance you cant tell and close up the slight texture looks cool.

Things like automatic headlights and wipers are great, They are £400 options on many Bmws and Mercedes!!

Good luck go for it, get modding, So much you can do.

re: Alymac and performance message Im interested to take a 1.2 against a 1.4 as it is thought that it may be possible they understated the 1.2s performance to make the higher engines llok better. Will not know till I have a gps unit so I can accurately measure my speed!
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

I love mine, in sunburst yellow, although only had it 4 days, and it has just 280 miles on the clock lol.

Didnt get it for performance. Thats what the Williams is for ;)
  Ford Fiesta

had mine a year no probs at all. Bird poo paint prob thats the only minor gripe, and have got diamond brite too for the paint!

get one now and you get more kit even more than what I got, so auto headlights and wipers I think. awesome value.

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

yeah I have all those toys.. auto lights wipers etc, cd player

ooh and clear side repeators and delocked drivers door./

Dont get one.... Go for the 1.4 16v its only 2 groups higher insurance! The 1.2 16v is pants.... Ive had no end of problems... im on my second box at under 11000 miles.... Had electronic faults, airbag faults, engine cut out and warning lights and stalling problems. All in all I do not reccomend a 1.2 16v
  H22A7 Accord Type R

only problem i have had that could be looked upon as major (not really tho) was having to have the oil sump refitted due to a leking gasket!? If you take care of it n dont abuse it too much (like in 1st gear) should be a great wee car for you! i love mine and its Value for money cannot be rivaled for the standard kit you get on the car! Rob

My electric window came out diagonally today lol. Its at Renault for the second time in as many weeks. Still love her though!
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Hiya Starky!! I love it. went over 300 miles today lol. Cant believe the weather. I got it on sunday, and the sun has shon on it all week :D. Meant to rain 2nite tho I think? lol