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1.2 Exhaust


Lookin into getting a backbox for my 1.2 Mk2 Ph2 clio. Dont want anything crazy loud, just something that looks subtle and gives off a little roar when you push it. Ive done a search but it seems most of you on here own sports which isnt any good to me lol. Any sujestions/pics would be great

  1.2 Dynamique billabong
you wont be able to make a 182 exhaust fit a 1.2 as the 182 has a flat floor in the boot where as the 1.2 has a wheel well in the boot. k tec do a 182 style exhaust for the 1.2 but it doesnt fit the 182 cut outs in the bumper, the only other option is to go for a custom one, i made my own.

my brother has a piper system for his 1.2 which sounds good
  53 Renault clio 1.2 16V
Piper mate, but dont ask for all the silencers to be removed unless you want a completly ear bleeding rally sounding car wich is what ive got lol its unbelievably loud all straight through, with the silencers on though its quite a throaty roar.

As said k-tec may be your best bet.