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1.2 rear beam & drums to sport beam and disks

  Handbuilt 172 Cup/ 1.2 8v
I know this has been covered/partially covered before, (think i read a thread at least a year ago regarding a euro clio that had done it.)

I have sucessfully built the new sport beam up with disks and installed it onto my hopelessly slow 1.2. i have 172 cup dampers and springs to complement. Dynamically it all works perfectly well.

My quagmire unsurprisingly is with the abs. i currently know that it does not work, locking up ;). The abs tries to work but cuts in with no effect and makes a knocking noise reducing the braking efficiency of the vehicle slightly, worse than standard and dangerous imo.

the rear abs sensors are the correct ones for the abs ring off a sport.

i know that the abs does not work now because i am currently running two different types of abs ring, creating mixed electrical signals the 1.2 driveshaft rings are different i think to the sport shaft rings.

i intend to change the front suspension geometry to cup spec, wishbones, uprights, dampers, springs, arb and of course driveshafts etc.

question is, firstly, will sport driveshafts fit into my 1.2 (d7f engine i think) 8v gearbox output, are the male female splines the same at male end and gearbox end? also is the three bearing egg and yoke thing on the o/s driveshaft the same as on a sport shaft.

also will the abs work again if the sport driveshafts and consequently matching abs rings to the rear are installed? am i correct in thinking that the abs can be reset/recalibrated be Renault to suit the different rings?

i realise i could take it all apart and get the measurements recorded, then see whats what, but thought i would create my first thread.

i also have a 172 cup 24k miles, but cannot afford insurance atm and its winter coming up, so it is SORN, so in this £1.7p / litre world we live in fuel efficiency of my authentique is a bonus.

fancied making some changes to the car as i always like to be doing something challenging.

any help some of you wizards can give would be much appreciated, as would comments and critisims.