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1.2 Running In

how long will my 1.2 16v billabong (dynamique based) take to run in?

also, what exactly is meant by running in? is it like breaking a pair of trainers in, lol.

what is acheived by this?

and any tips?



cane the crap out of it

its under warranty

just make sure you service it at the intervals shown (18,000 miles)

i whilst driving a 1.4 noticed after around 1000 miles that car was starting to improve, now at 1950 so mine must have settled now........if you read your manual it basically says keep it below 3500 revs i think...just dont hammer it from day one
  Clio 1.6 16V

There is more to all this than just running in the engine. Modern engines are assembled with closer mechanical tolerances so now require much less "running in" to bed in all the cylinder/rings and crank/cam bearings. You must also consider other components like the gearbox, differential, brakes and wheel bearings. A lot of owners on this site have suffered gearbox problems, a lot in my mind due to caning them from day one. Brakes should be treated with care and used progessively in the early stages to bed in the disks, pads and drums. I am on my 6th Clio now over the years and have never had any real problems, running them in to the book THEN progressively caning them. I would stick to the 3.5K <80mph limit for the figrst 600 odd miles then start increasing the rev limit by 1K every 100 miles until you reach the red line/limiter. After that CHANGE THE OIL AND FILTER! (normally around the 1.5K to 2K miles). From then on give it some and enjoy!!


  Audi TT Stronic

maybe this is a stupid question, but other than the 172/Cup and V6 do any other of the clio models havd disks all round ?



I agree with Flying Scotsman. Have ran both of mine in and never had one mechanical fault with either car. It was really noticable on the second one how everything loosened up between 1.5k and 2k in. My mate also got a clio the same week. He caned his and whilst it loosened up quicker, he has had a gearbox problem!!!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

i took it easy on my 1.2 16v, ran it in gently, then slowly worked it up....................and my gearbox hasnt had ANY problems yet.........touch wood :oops:

You will rob you will.... long as u drive it hard!!! Maybe u should take it for a handbreak show on a cruise that usually weakens them a bit

Well they put the engine built with oil in it and connect the flywheel to some motor thing and rotate the engine..... Its not like fully run in but it means you dont have to worry about caining it from new!