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1.4 RT insurance


I was just wondering if people could tell me what sort of premiums they are paying for their 1.4RTs and what age they are, NCB etc.

Im just wondering because at the moment my car is insured under my mums name but I want to change that asap. I will be turning 18 soon and will also have a years experience (no NCB though) pretty soon so i was just wondering what sort of premiums I could expect.

Ive tried a few companies but its just to see for those that I haven tried.

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Last year when I insured my 1.4 RT with all modifications such as the full respray and bodykit etc, it came to £1300 tpft (had to take this option due to the bad area dragging the premium up a fair whack on the fully comp quote)

Got a couple of quotes, 1 from admiral, for all my mods (including engine conversion) with 1 years NCB, its either £549 tpft or £700 fully comp.
Talk about a fair difference lol.

I was with Liverpool Victoria for my 1st year.

I was 19 with no NCB for my 1st year, passed test april 2004.
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At 23 (back in 99) with no ncb but been driving for 6 years and had 3 pts.

Fully comp = £800.

Try adding female second driver (often drops the quote) with elephant.

Quote: Originally posted by Chris1.4RT on 10 September 2005

At 23 (back in 99) with no ncb but been driving for 6 years and had 3 pts.

Fully comp = £800.

Try adding female second driver (often drops the quote) with elephant.

Yeah, on quotes with elephant I usually add my mum to bring the cost down. She doesnt drive at all even though she has passed her test but it dont matter as long as it brings the cost down. Does adding more that one female bring it down further?
  ex Clio 172 owner :(

Sometimes does, sometimes not.

Id add one who uses another car on a regular basis

brings it down more. doesnt have to be mam

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Im 18 and payin 1,300 at the moment in my own name, passed my test last December so not a full years NCB yet. Should drop down a bit when I renew it hopefully.

Whos that with James?

I passed my test in early december as well and as I say I turn eighteen on the last day of this month but I can hardly get quotes as good as yours even now, though I think my area is rated quite badly.
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Thats with virgin, you should be able to find a better quote, you just need to shop around...I know its boring. Like chris said, try putting a couple of females as second and third drivers like you Mum and someone else, usually brings it down a bit.
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nearly 4 years ago when i was 17, i payed £1800 to go fully comp with direct line. i do live in romford essex though. very high insurance round here
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My insurance was £1400 with direct line for my 1992 1.4 RT in 2004, was 18 and just passed test with no no claims. second year would have been £600 but upgraded to a 1.6 16v so its £750 ish now.

Not a lot more considering old car value £100 new car 5k ish and gone from group 5 to 8. The moral of the story Drive like a granny till you get some no claims then get something faster.

If I really behave myself Ill be paying 1.5k on a group 18 car worth 18k when Im 21 when a guy I know whos 22 is paying 2.5k on same car but older. anyways Im rambling now so back on topic.

Go on autotrader and use their insurance finder. Get a quote from the top 4 or 5 on the list because they will change slightly.
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3yrs driving experience, 0 NCBs and they havent added the IAMs advanced driving on for me yet...

I pay £740 TPFT. Hoping that the renewal which is soon will be quite a bit cheaper saying Ill be 21. :)

This is with Chris Knott btw. Adrian Flux were quite close too. Told my mate, who ended going with Adrian Flux. They seemed to be the best for us as other places wanted £1000+!!