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1.6 16v dynamique owners

What kind of fuel efficiency are you getting?

What mods have you done?

Also what info does the trip in the dash tell you as mine doesnt have one?

My 1.2 16v is not a dynamique its an Expression, they dont have one. But Im getting a 1.6 16v dynamique so i was wondering what they did

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Trip in the dash is the same as 172 and lots of other Renaults - shows trip miles, average mpg, fuel used, distance travelled since fill-up, distance remaining in tank, average speed (not necessarily in that order!).

Im always playing around with it, the distance remaining in tank is very useful, i can tell you its accurate down to the last mile as well!!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

is it? wel i seem to running off to the petrol station, when its down to its last bar on the fuel counter, and it says it has at least 50 miles left in it lol!! it only works it out using the miles left at average mpg doesnt it? i dont trust it anyways lol

Well my dads BMW has a dodgy one, its range sometimes goes up which obviously doesnt make sense. Im the other way round, the analogue fuel counter isnt accurate enough, and it changes depending on if your going uphill or something where the fuel isnt level in the tank! I usually fill my car up well before im empty though, as optimax runs out quickly round my area.

Oakely, I get a minimum of 32mpg and average 39mpg , cant ever seem to get it over 47mpg (even if I drive like a old granny). I must say I was really quite shocked to see on a recent thread that some of the 1.2 owners were only getting mid 30s !

When it had to go in to have the sunroof replaced (common fault now fixed) I had a 1.2 16v for a few days but had to caine the arse off of it to get a decent pace and it used more petrol in those three days than mine would in a week. I must say however the 1.2 16v is quite under rated its quite a nippy motor for its size (when you give it some:devilish:)


im getting crap miles to the gallon, then again im driving the car like i stole not owning it, i think i will have to start treating it with a little more respect!

IMods ive done

induction kit, colour coded sides, stereo(alpine 7876), alpine components all round, soundstream 5 channel amp, 12"JL audio boxed sub, fake floor in boot with sub and amp sunk in all carpeted with some neons, , mesh on the front of the car, tv with a video under the seat, private plate,

In the really bad weather a few days back i was only getting 29.5!! The problem for me is my journey to work is stop start, and the only other time i drive it is to the gym which is a great journey, i cant help but drive uneconomically!