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1.8 RSI conversion help...

  Mk 1 RT
Hi everyone, in the next few weeks i will be putting a RSI engine into my RT.
I just wanted to know if i need these things.. or anything i miss if anyone can help.

engine mounts
wiring loom

also could i mate the 1.4 box onto the RSI lump?

one more thing, are there any upgrades i could do to the engine besides cams and expensive stuff... not all that clued up on tuning these engines and also have a tight budget..

any help/advice will be aprecieated :D

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if you become a member mate people will be more willing to give you advice
if you become a member mate people will be more willing to give you advice
Not true.

Theres not many people bother with the 8v, so the experience is limited. No idea on the gearbox myself. Use all the mounts from the donor car. Could probably get away with the engine loom from the donor pluged into your interior loom in the engine bay (2 plugs, brown and white iirc). If you can use the 1.4 box, shafts are not an issue. Use the ECU from the donor. On 16v engines, the ECUs are immobilised Ph2 onward, so you may need to get an old ph1 ECU.
  Mk 1 RT
Thanks mark one, i will probably be getting the engine by itself not a donor car. im sure i can get hold of the mounts and a loom tho.. project thread soon :D