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1.8T Conversion Questions

  Golf MK4 1.8T
Hi all

I have just got a BAM 1.8T to go into a clio shell we have however i have a few questions regarding some parts of the conversion.

Engine mounts look pretty easy to sort out, some box section and the OEM gearbox mount should see that work with a bit modification.

However, what do people do in regards to shafts? I have a 02M 4wd box (if the transfer box will clear the back subframe) and the 20v shafts. Does anyone know the length the shafts need to be? I take it its just a case of sleeving them and getting them balanced at the end of it all.

With regards to the RPM and speedo signals. I know the 02M takes a speedo feed off the sensor on the gearbox. Can the 20v speed and RPM signals be used with the clio clocks or does it play havoc a bit? Is there modules to go inbetween the two to convert into the correct signal? Or is it easier to just run some VAG clocks.

I want to stay stock Me7.5 ECU as I know them really well and makes mapping a breeze.




ClioSport Club Member
  Mazda 2, Ph1 172
run VAG clocks. Personally i would have shafts made to the lengths required rather than sleeving a renualt outer and VAG inner

your main issue will be chopping the drivers side of the subframe to clear the sump
  Golf MK4 1.8T
Ive seen a clio with the VAG clocks fitted and they actually fit pretty well, so will run the clocks and itll make it far easier.

The drivers subframe doesnt look too bad to clear the sump, looks to be around 10-12" infront of the front wishbone bush.

What do you mean about the shafts? Is there someone out there that can make a shaft up to suit the VAG inner joint and the splines on the clio outer joint? Do you know who?


ClioSport Club Member
I'm sure there would be plenty of places that make custom driveshafts to your spec if you did a bit of Googling.