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106 gti beat me :-(

The Clio 16v is a fair bit quicker than the 19 16v as it weighs 150-200kgs less. Thats much more of a difference than the between the VTS/106 and the 16v (20-50kgs).
  clio 20v

my valver will do a good 7mph more in first than my mates 106 but second and third are about the same

from my experiance induction kits dont work well when its hot but in this cold weather my car does definately seem more responsive so swapping from an ind kit to the airbox in the cold weather wont see much improvement

i do think that a cold air box/heatshield is the way to go, also i love the noise of my piperx

clean 16v- where was that cruise at mate ill come down if im not too busy theres usually one in warrington on mondays as well giv us a ring nxt time ur goin if uve still got me number


Adi-still got your number mate, its at stanley green. just off the a34 at cheadle/handforth.

on the whole inducion kit thing, i am very aware that when the engine is hot they are sh*t. been trying to come up with different ways of shielding it etc. at the moment i am using a cake tin!! did a 0-60 before oil change and cake tin(how i raced the 106) , with a pretty good start i managed 8.4seconds. today on the same set of lights, same engine temp and exterior temp i managed 7.2(after oil and filter change and my home made cake tin heat shield) and i spun first a bit aswell. reckon with 15s and ditching some weight(spare tyre etc.) i could hit flat 7s??? or am i just dreaming?
  clio 20v

what tyres have you got on mate cos 195/45/16s are the same rolling diameter as the original 15s infact its slightly smaller so putting 15s on will make no differance

your not dreaming a valver will do a low 7sec to 60 run, i think someone put up an old autocar test that tested a valver at 7.4 to 60 incidently exactly the same for a 106gti

giv us a ring wen the cruise is on again ill drive up


A 195/45/16 wheel/tyre combo does indeed mean -3mm smaller rolling radius. The 205/45/16 tyres mean a +6mm bigger rolling radius. Not that youd notice to be honest: were talking about a radius of circa 585mm!

195/50/15 tyres are the best bet on original Clio 16v wheels IMO, as you get an amazing -8mm reduction in rolling radius (feel the speed!:p) and they cost about half what 205/45/16 tyres do. I know becuase Ive just changed from aftermarket 16s to the original Speedline Phase 2 wheels.

I dont know what the speeds are for all the gears apart from 65mph in 2nd and 127mph in 5th.

But the 106GTi/VTS do have low gearing to make up for the lack of torque at low revs. Peak torque is at 5500rpm.

and ben got a deal on tyres!

i had a race with a 106 GTi with high lift cams atc and its was close but mine was faster, but they are very quick very good cars i love them, nut you need to ne a midget to drive them,

one thing that i have noticed is everyone saying "i was ahead in first....i was ahead in 2nd" etc but personaly even on a dry road traction in first and somethimes second is very difficult, this is with new goodyear 105/50/15s, now the 2ltr is in there is real skill in getting away quickly, i tend to save the transmission and ease away in first and start to feed the power in 2nd then flat out in 3rd, never had this problem at all with the 1800 though must be all this 3ltr torque!!

in fact i was driving into Bath the other morning and i was well off the round about and onto the dual carrigway in 3rd and gently put the power down on a very very slight bend and the inside wheel lite up for 200 yards!!! impressive but its getting annoying, why anyone would want 200+BHP in a clio i will never know!!
  Revels Mum & Sister

One of my best mates has a 106 GTi.

We are both running 15s with Goodyear F1S. Both have induction kits, de-cat pipes and exhaust (both by Magnex) bar the de-cat. Race him all the time. As the main road of my housing estate has 3 sets of traffic lights on there very close together for extra fun.

We have raced loads and it allways comes down to the driver. If ones spins the other wins type thing. When you have a massive long road the Valver I reckon has the edge. Like someone said there is nothing in it through the first 2 gears.

Gave a Non turboed Scooby a damn good pasting twice in a row. He was driving daddys car. They are slow as dog poo!!!!