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172 Cup: Where I'm at.

  HK52 VLW 172 Cup
Hi All,

172 Cup 02 134K 17 Owners Used daily, not been on track but I fancy a go some time. Had the car 3 years in total having bought it back off the guy I sold it too a year ago. The first two years I just ragged it everywhere and didn't spend any money on it at all because I didn't think the car was in a good enough condition to spend money and most importantly time on. However some of the previous 17 owners had fitted a K-tek Stealth exhaust with decat, a K&N air induction kit, poly exhaust mounts, poly engine mounts and dog bone. The car is also HPI clear.

However the guy I sold it too was an apprentice mechanic at my local Renault main agent. One of those guys who doesn't think with his wallet and who likes doing stuff with his cars. In his ownership he fitted Eibach Sportlines, new Cup dampers all round, along with standard disc and pads. He also did the belts, water pump, dephaser etc along with a silicone hose set, new injectors, spark plugs, coil pack, HT leads and new engine and gearbox oil, rad flush and antifreeze. All Renault OEM parts except for the hose kit.

He also fitted new rear aftermarket LED rear lights, Osram white bulb kit on the front, side repeaters and number plate light. Along with removeing the sideskirts and plastic trim and cleaning it all up inside, and sorting some blocked drainage holes to sort out a wet carpet, as well as taking care of many other little jobs that needed doing. When I bought the car back off him he gave me £1300 worth of reciepts that he'd spent in a year, this excluding the labour time he put in. I sold him what I thought was a knacker and he returned me a little gem.

In my ownership I have bought it an airfresh:)

Having been laid off at work due to the semi conductor shortage, and being shamed by the photo's on here of everyones nice clean cars, while appreciating the work that young Tommy has done to the car, I am ready now to spend some of my own time and money on the car.

So, first I have washed, cleaned and give it some premium wax. Painted the calipers speed yellow and polished up the headlights. Today I am changing the steering rack bushes and front arb bushes.

The exhaust is I think too loud for track days, so I want to fit a standard air box and decent panel filter which I read on here is better or no different than the K&N , but will be quieter. An ebay 200 cell sports cat, and an RS stamped lower inlet manifold which I do not have on my car, probably because it is one of the earliest Cups registered. Then an RS tuner remap which I will resell once I'm finished with it.

However there is a 182 exhaust manifold and matching used ktek sports cat forsale at the moment which I am thinking about buying with the idea of then DIY porting my old upper and lower inlet manifolds, along with the 182 exhaust manifold, then haveing the whole thing live mapped. The question is will the 182 manifold and 182 Ktek sports cat fit to the rest of my ktek 172 stealth system???

I'm also going to treat myself to a set of Avon ZV7 195/45/16. DIY wheel refurb. Whiteline or PMS rear ARB and a 330mm OMP steering wheel and leave it at that.

Still not sure on the steering wheel as I'm a little arthritic in one of my shoulders (Knacker:)

I've been on a search and reading frenzy on this site for the last couple of days deciding on what to buy, what to fit etc but if anyone here can tell me if the 182 manifold and sports cat will fit to my existing exhaust, i'd appreciate it. I've read something somewhere but lost it in my wide ranging and time consuming research.

Cheer's Ian


ClioSport Club Member
Be good to see some pictures!
Very unlikely you’ll be too loud for track days but the 182 manifold is a good upgrade and you should find the cat will be a direct bolt on to your existing system.

Good luck!

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