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10days to sort my car!!!!

  Lionel Richie

If i cant fix my car by the 24th (new front bumper+new strut+new wheel+2newtyres+spraying of wing+colour coding), someone can have my BRANDS HATCH ticket!!!! Its gonna be an expensive month i think!!!!

Fred, dont worry mate, your carll be sorted for it, now, those strips should be in on friday, so Ill go down and grab them for ya, what ya gonna do about the bumper? go 172? or stick standard? you got the paint shop sorted for everything?

yeah, think it must...... I aint gonna make it into work on time tomorrow though, Ill need to set the timer on the bomb under my bed to get me up @6am :sick:

Ah, another 1 from Solihull.... Snap!

BenP - you coming to the midlands meet on sunday?

Mat - Dunno if Im going down on the saturday or convoying but Ill keep my eye on the thread just incase.
  Lionel Richie

Hardcore midlands!!!!! Im getting on with fixing it now!!!! Waking the neighbours up!!!! Ive saved the wheel (smacked the feck out of it with a BIG hammer, and its now nearly straight!!!) Ill get it fully straight tomorrow/today (neighbours werent too impressed with the noise at 2am!!!)

Shopping list

1 new strut £80??? (konis are 86each i think)

3 wheels powder coated £75

2 new tyres £150

172 side strips £60 (cheers Roamer!!)

Spraying of front wing+colour coding of front and rear bumper + side strips(quoted £150 +colour coding guess at £300??)

Possible new front bumper £150+???

Total £815!!!! Maybe more!!!!!!!BUGGER

Fred just thought id say i paid £300 to have my old Dynamique Colour coded bumper strips front and back and sides and a dent taken out my door and door and rear panel sprayed.
  Lionel Richie

Bodyshop have quoted me £440 for new front bumper+spraying of wing and colour coding sidestrips. Theyre also gonna sort out the steering problem (they have full geometry stuff) this is gonna be a bit extra though