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10jrears on a phase 3?

  Black 1.2 Mk3Clio100
Alright basically i've just recently sold my Golf and bought a Phase 3 1.2 clio off a mate of mine.
I've always been into my low'n'slow and german cars but i've decided to take a chance and buy a clio.
But anyway, straight to the point.
17" 10j rear 8j front, is it happening on my clio with a stretch and without having to do any archwork, as well as be legal?
Any help & advice would be appreciated.
Cheers, Mitch.
  Black 1.2 Mk3Clio100
Yayurrr its the MK3 version, i'm new to the clio scene so to be fair with you i havent got a bloody clue about these things!
  Black 1.2 Mk3Clio100
'Any help & advice would be appreciated.' - Chip-mk1, your input is not appreciated.
I like my cars Low&slow, not a little chav'd up shitty clio on cheap wheels with lexus lights and an exhaust the size of my head.
It's always nice to be greeted to new forums by the users that actually provide the useful info, and the ones who are just general tossers who post irrelivant things linked with their personal opinion which im sure nobody gives a s**t about. (But thanks anyway)

Back on topic, anybody tried it or tried anything near it, or even heard of anybody trying it?
I'm curious as to what i'm going to get myself in for & how far this little clio can be pushed.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Lol, good rant :)

I just don't like unsafe modifications to cars, seen too many people hurt sadly so not a fan of the whole 'make my car unsafe to drive by slamming it and adding huge camber and or stretched tyres'

So my advice (the thing you asked for) is don't do it as you will ruin the handling. Feel free to ignore it though of course, which I'm sure you will.
  Ph1 track 172
What model Clio is it? A mk3 or a m1 or mk2 phase 3? will help you if you arent sure.

Edit seems that having problems with redirection use

This is missing the ph1 exclusive!! not amused! lol

it will be possible to fit 10j wheels on with the correct offset. the problem you will have is getting all of the tyre under the arch! which is legal requirement.
it may be that the offset needed to clear the shocks/other parts, leaves too much off the wheel hanging out the car!!

best off measuring from the bolt surface where the wheel will sit inwards towards the first thing your wheel will foul on.
then you can use that to calculate what kind of offset wheel you will need!! and from that you can calculate how much is going to be left outside the arch, and what kind of stretch youre going to need!!
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
It's to get the top of the tyre inside the arch that people add so much camber, you can do this fairly simply with shims under the bottom two stub axle bolts.

Obviously doing so increases the risk of the inner part of the wheel and tyre fouling near the top though, especially during cornering, and of course it removes contact patch if you go far, causing uneven tyre wear and decreased grip which leads to dangerous handling traits.