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12000m service costs in Kent area

Ive just dropped in to my local Renault dealer in Sevenoaks, Kent they want £230 to do the 12,000 including pollen filter and fully synthetic oil £202 with semi synth.

Is that in the right ball park or are they extracting the urine, sounds a bit steep to me but I havent had a main dealer service for god knows how long.



Ive just booked my car in at Renault London West and they said I would be looking at around £160, my car has only done 10K but is almost 12month old.

Did you ask for good oil or did they ask you?


  Shiny red R32

Surely you dont need a pollen filter replacing at a first service!

You should ask the dealers for their best price and let them know that you are ringing other dealers too - that will make them knock their price down. At my nearest Renault dealer in Edinburgh the first service is only about £105

But then the Scots are always very generous!


  Shiny red R32


They are even being generous giving away points in the six nations rugby just now!!



I went to scotland last summer, i presumed it was simply a sterotype that the scots are tight but they were such b******s to me. I walked into shops and got completely ignored, had an arguement with one bloke over poor service. Ill stay in sunny england!


  Shiny red R32

We have had sun here for more than a month Rob!

Where were you ignored? I find that very hard to believe unless you were behaving in an arrogant way! The Scots are an extremely friendly bunch, unless of course, the people you encountered, were some of the many who have escaped from the mad south east, to a better life up here!

Try Edinburgh during July and August!! Brilliant place.

Yeah one month about of a year isnt that good, anyway i like heat!

Look you i wasnt being arrogant, i was being english and that seemed to be enough so believe it sunshine!

I was in edinburgh lol. I went to a great club, that was it. Nothing beats london, has to be said.


Check your service schedule book, the interval should be 12,000 and 2 two years not one year, you still have 2000 miles to run!