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125mph wheel spin

Wow thats the first time I have ever seen it..... Normally cars dont register any speed when you wheel spin but new clios do.... I was having some fun on a ice ring and went through the gears up to 5th and got 125mph!!!! Felt like back the the future LOL

ice is cool
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in my old RT last winter i got to 100 in 4th while waiting for the gates to open at work. Was quite fun!!

steve, your lucky you didnt blow your engine... at these sort of speeds your engine requires the approprite amount of cooling... if there is no air to cool the rad, water will just boil until your car over heats.. in turn, your head warps or something worse :(
  clio 20v

evry1s had a go at the see how fast ur car can go stood still he he normally only done on ice so is bloody cold enough for ur engine anyway

i wouldnt do it for long or lots of times though

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never tried it in my clio this year but when i had my escort clock read 135mph wheel spin.

Yes very stupid, also stupid that a mate was standing outside the car with his head through the window checking the speedo.

followed by half hour handbraking the cars on ice before the cops arrived

But still very very fun.
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haha, i love ice, but only in empty car parks! I spent almost half a tank of fuel doing laps of an "oval circuit" in guildford one evening (people will know behind halfords! - oh dear ;) ) Anyway, it was about this time last year and id recently got my car and wondered how good the handbrake is. We spent AGES handbraking around the hairpin bends at each end of the circuit - really good fun and it helped me learn my car quite a bit on how it slides. It was fun until the police arrived just as i was holding a nice drift!!!! arrrg, there was nothing i could do about it, just had to continue drifting past them while they were watching and i was doing a conciencious 10 to 2 routine as i parked in one of the bays and turned off my lights! over they came and said, how fast were you going? what a stupid question! the speedo doesnt calculate wheels that are not turning! I guess theres no laws saying you must drive your car in a straight line are there? They just said what am i doing and i said im waiting for some friends(?) They just said be careful because its slippery! no sh!t! hahaha. off they went.

its slippery! no way, - so i take it they cant actually do you for anything then as long as you aint close to taking out other cars?!

lol... funny... you must have got a nice old bill bloke... normally they are tossas!!! I was doing stunts for about an hour that night... laughing my head off

I know a few people that have seriously knackered their cars in the snow. Mainly gearbox and cv joints, though I killed the diff on a brand new Astra diesel (and I thought diesel boxes were strong!)

I have popped 2 gearboxes on my old mini in the snow (never learn) written off a new Laguna by hitting a curb mid slide (not intentional and the car just collapsed under a very slight bump, fecking impact zones!), gone backwards through a hedge in my old pickup (RWD) and been stuck in a car park at the bottom of a hill cos I had turned the whole place into an ice rink!

AAAAAAAAAAA the joys of snow driving, one day Ill grow up! (hopefully a long time from now!)