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16 Valve Phase 1 Strut Brace

Does anyone have a web page address which shows the Strut Brace for a 16 Valve Clio 92. I am going to fabricate one myself and wanted to find some dimensions which would save me doing the work myself (lazy git!).

When the strut brace is bolted at either end do you use bolts that are longer than the originals? thinking of doing one in stainless steel , what do you reckon?
  Williams 2, STi N12

What the hell are you on?? One to fabricate yourself would cost more than to buy one of the shelf!! Plus they do them in stainless steel too!!

As for the bolts, what originals?? The bolts go through the strut top when you put in the strut brace. No strut brace = no bolts.

ANDERS! Nice message mate!!!!!! I love people like you as as I am qualified welder and fabricator it takes me around 1 hour to make a strut brace in stainless or anything I like,and costs me nothing!!!! and you go out and pay £70 for them !!!!!!!!!!!

Keep buying and making me rich!!!!!!!!!!;)
  Williams 2, STi N12

So why the hell post the message in the first place?? Just get on with it and stop wasting my time, when I could of been trying to help some body with a genuine need for advice.