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16 Valve Phase 1 Strut Brace

Does anyone have a web page which shows the Strut Brace for a 16 Valve Clio 92. I am going to fabricate one myself and wanted to find some dimesions which would save me doing the work myself (lazy git!).

When the strut brace is bolted at either end do you use bolts that are longer than the originals? thinking of doing one in stainless steel , what do you reckon?

my 16v had a strut brace on it before i got it but its been taken off and im left with the holes, i think you have to drill new holes and mount it that way not via the old nut etc. the coil also has 2 me mounted upside down.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

You only have to ask and ill give you the dimesions of mine !!

Yes you have to drill holes for the brace to be mounted to the top mounts !!

Its cheaper to by one than make one id imagine and a lot less hassle. They aint dear !!

I got mine stainless steel fully adustable for about £70.00

Job done !!
  BMW 320d Sport

Or a standard fixed length one in steel, OMP do one for about £35 including all the fittings and everything. Its really one of those things where its so cheap its hardly worth the hassle of making your own.