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16v - back in the Garage! *pic*


Went in to get a new magnex exhaust fitted today only to find out that there is a few things i need to get done which isnt gonna be cheap!!

Most important is the steering collum (another trade mark of the valver). I need the bottom half of the steering collum replaced as its seriously warn out. Apparently in the R5 its a £20 job and takes about half an hour. But no of course the valver cant be that easy can it!? £128 for the part and about an 1hrs fitting!

Secondly is the fan belt needs replacing looks all shiny and cracked so of course never an easy job for the valver - thats an engine out job :cry:

New brakes all round discs and pads - knew this already though.

So it looks like this picture below could be a more familar site for the next few days::(

Page 1A 12 of the Haynes manual, 6,000 mile service section.

Remove headlight,

Loosen tensioner pulley,

Remove splash guard,

Undo and remove lower cover.

Refit and Tension.


Fan belt is done by removing the drivers side headligh (possibly bonnet) for access. Then reach to the side of the engine, where the belt is. There will be five pulleys, but the one you want is the tensioner pulley with a 6mm hex key hole in the middle - which needs to be undone. After that, you can get a spanner on the outside of the same pulley, which releases the tension for the belt to come off.

If (like me) you cant undo the tensioner pulley, then you can get the belt off by taking the alternator off - which, believe me, is not the easy way out!

Either way, its a bit of a hassle, but by no means an engine out job. See what the Haynes Spiritual Text has to say about it...:D