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16v driveshaft problems

Help.. Anybody got any idea whats going on with my driveshafts (J reg Clio 16v).. apparently the circlips keep coming off the driveshaft??. The mechanic has replaced all the innards of the gearbox now but its still doing it after about 5 miles of driving...

I have just put a new engine in the car and he is now saying it will have to be a new gearbox too as he cant source a used one anywhere... I have almost ran out of dosh to be honest..

ANy clues or the location of a used gearbox would be very much appreciated...

Quote: Originally posted by BobRTE on 15 December 2002

New or 2nd hand box is the only answer. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Thanks Bob.. I kinda thought that might be the case... any idea why it does it though?... how about a replacement casing with the original gears, diff etc would that do it?

Great site by the way.. wish id discovered it months ago...
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New gearboxes can be had from Renault for around £600 on exchange now. Or at least thats what my brand new Williams box cost, straight off the production line in France.
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The casing becomes weak around the N/S driveshaft/planet wheel circlip. When the circlip keeps popping out, the only cure is to replace the casing or complete gearbox. As Nick says, they are about £600 - £900 depending on the model, for a replacement gearbox with a full 12 month guarantee.

Hope that helps.


get a R19 16v box for £100 and another £100 to fit it (minimum) and your sirted, or possibly you could butucher the R19 box you make good your clio 16v box and therefore keep your existing ratios, (personaly i think people worry too much about ratios, both cars are using the same engine remeber)

a mate had the same problem with his R19 16v, there are plemty breaking at the moment though

its worth noteing that alor of R19 16vs are broken because of this problem so try and buy private from a damaged car and it minimises the risk of buying a duff box, never ever trust what scrap yards say, the always lie about mileage and history