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16v Gauges in an RT

Do the extra gauges in the 16v fit on an RT dash (with the top facia of course)? Is there any extra wiring or just sometihng that would make it impossible... and what do the gauges read exactly!? Im a bit clueless.


Do you know if they just plug in, or require major electronic rewiring... because Im not too hot with the latter... Cheers

  FRST and 106 GTi

hum... cant tell right now. Still hoping to have time this year so that I can fit the gauges on my RT.

Maybee Thursday I meet with the clio owner in the picture.

Ill let you know.

I know fitting a rev counter to mine was a pain... different ignition system and no rev counter to start with.

Ended up paying for it too be converted to work, then wiring it myself to the DIS.

Even now, The Oil Level(?) Guage doesnt work in my 1.2 (1997 Panache).

My problem is caused by the new DIET engine Renault decided to put in my car.

Dont know about the RT, though.

The extra guages do look cool though.. - maybe its something I will look into sometime.