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16V Vs Escort RS Turbo

  Revels Mum & Sister

Just wen to get some petrol and thought I would go for my usual round town drive. Anyway, pulled up to the lights agaisnt a Escort RS Turbo. Went Green, nice launch and beat him without too much trouble. Next set of lights we had a rolling start and the gap was a bit bigger.

There is a hill near where I live where we bench mark our cars and he couldnt keep up with me up there. How fast are they. Seemed to have an exhaust and a dump valve, not sure what else.

Would have thought it would have been a greater match or even beat me?? Was it a sh*tter or are they not that quick and standardish form.

They do 0-60 in something like 8.5 secs and are only mildly fast in standard form.

When people see "Ford" and "Turbo" they think of great giant-slaying cars. Sadly, this isnt one of them. Good work though!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Dont think they are that quick mate, iv had a couple of blasts without any problems. Dump valve going like fook, and slowly dissapearing!

They can be easily tuned though!
  Revels Mum & Sister

Thought as much. Know they are easy to tune and get power like the R5 Turbo.

I know the Fiestas are a fair bit quicker. Raced a tuned one and that wasted me. Also saw a black Tuned one that had some crazy torque steer when it boosted. Hehe

Another victory for the 16V. Also raced a Corsa 1.416V Sport. Hehe guess the result. Same as the GF car. Drilled her Airbox today sounds quite mean.

How does the Valver compare to the Fiesta RS (standard form)??

I guess its too late, but drilling an airbox doesnt do any good - in fact it might harm the car. Ask BenR.
  Revels Mum & Sister

Mate bought a brand new Corsa same one as hers. He has had it 3 years and it was drilled 4 months after buying it and hasnt had any problems with it so far!!

The airbox isnt sealed on them anyway. There is an intake pipe in the bottom that feeds the box. So a few holes next to it. Not loads of holes. Just a couple!!!

How could that affect it?? It wasnt done to aid performance. She is female and doesnt care. Just done it for the noise. Besides a Cone filter from PVD is on order so will only be on there for a week.

Thanks for the concern mate anyway. Nice to see people still helping. Was a bit different when I owned my Nova GTE. The migweb wasnt that helpfull. And by the way that wasnt meant as a sarcy comment was genuine. :)
  Laguna 2, Westfield

Standard Escort RS Turbos (series 2s) are 8.2 to 60.

Alot of un cared for ones about that wont be running properly, and need a good setting up to restore even factory performance - actuators go soft and they run lower boost, so will make them slow.

Fiesta RS Turbos in standard form are 7.7 to 60, and 20.2 to 100, which i believe is nearly four seconds quicker than a valver ?? and slightly faster than the williams ?

I wouldnt race you from the lights in my RS fez as it would just wheelspin, and i value my gearbox too much lol

Dont race a chipped one lol bye bye.:D
  Revels Mum & Sister

Yep I agree with you mate. As I put in a reply. Got wasted by a chipped RS Fiesta.

However the Escort was easy pickings. It wasnt a close called thing was a few car lengths ahead. So yeah It might not have been running properly. But my 16V may not be running properly. Only thing that puts me of the Fiesta RS is the crazy torque steer. Other than that they are quality cars and I did nearly buy one.

Would like to race a standard Fez. As for the 100 Mile times I dont know mate not sure on that one!!

I dont know exactly why drilling your airbox is bad, as I say ask BenR, but I think its because it removes the benefit of a sealed induction system which gives consistent performance (maybe not a prob if Corsas airbox isnt sealed anyway).

The Fiesta RS is a different matter Im sure, although better standing start times might be a bit less important when you add A/B-roads to the equation! ;) Even a mildly tuned FRST is always going to give a 16v a hard time in a drag, but beware the killer post-5k power band of the 16v - standing start times dont say all (gearing etc). AaronC got 0-100 out of his standard 16v in 18 secs on Ap22, but his is acknowledged as the fastest standard 16v we know.

I kind of like the look of old Escort RS Turbos now anyway - but theyre not the best RS ever, thats all.
  Revels Mum & Sister

0-100 times. Aaroncs Tuned 16V done a 0-100 in about 19 secs. As did Craggys Saxo VTS.

Would have thought the fiesta would have been wuicker than that to 100???

i raced one coming off a rd about there was flames shooting out his exhaust LOL i had to ease offf though it was quite quick and noisy

Ha ha! Just wait for when the first BB-turbo converted Clio 16vs are ready! 2-300bhp should be "just enough" to see of a E/FRST. :devilish:

It cost me £150 to get my Fiesta RST from 133bhp to 165bhp. Basically chipped and set-up. ERSTs are not qucik as STD and the actuators go soft so if hes not set it up as Mark says he may not be faster than you average diesel. Thought about a ERST but I wanted something a bit more modern, although at the progress of the negotiations i will be old before i get it.
  Revels Mum & Sister

Please dont get me wrong. They were helpfull maybe that was worded wrong. They did help lots and as you say there are some very knowledgable Vaux peeps on there.

One guy helped me sort out some settings on my Twin 40s. But tends to be be full off how can I get 400BHP out of my 1.2 Nova. Just loads of crap on there. Also lots of people jumping on posts and not helping just creating argumnets.

So far this board has been the most helpfull and interesting to read by far. That what I meant. Not sl*gging of the Vaux peeps as I used to be one!!

And not being funny mate but if it had been a average diesel then think the gap would have been a bit bigger. Not sl*gging your RS Turd blowers off just enquiring as I thought the escorts were faster. Would rather have the Clio any day over a scrote Turd blower!!! ;)