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16v vs fiesta Zetec S vs cav GSI2000

WOW! came down to a set of lights on a 3 carriage way road near me and in the middle lane was a cavy gsi 2000 , sporting some nice wheels a big exhaust, and in the fast lane was a zetec s feista, windows down pumpin out the tunes... - by this point i thought " f**k me! how lucky! and there bound to be wantin to race.. excellent!"

lights changed, off i shoot.... fiesta not too far behind but getting further.. the cav must have well bogged it on his start and was well back and gave up... by time i get to 60 - 65 the fiesta is well back but now gaining as i stopped at 65.. flys up behind me and slows and just stays there.... strange... but i had to turn off, so thought nothin of it.. shame the cav didnt get going good would have been excellent!! - was wet though maybe he was spinning it.

the S is only 106bhp though......but a FANSTIC handling little car.......simply superb! if it only came with 120bhp, it would be so much better than the saxo.


i just meant that, its not really considered as a warm/hot hatch cause of the lack of power.

BUT, if it did, i would be better than the saxo......

just using saxo as a comparison as its the same engine size...
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Well if it were a Saxo, and he had anything bigger than size 9 feet, hed have been behind the GSi!

I part exd my Saxo for my 172, Ive got Size 10s, and with me Cat boots on I couldnt drive the bugger - Mind you it was only a 1.1 Forte lol.
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I used to have a Zetec-S and I used to love it...nippy little car and a good handler. Wanted more power so went for the 172. Build quality of the Zetec-S was better than my 172!
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Yeah but a Zetec-S is a 1.6 16v 105bhp whereas a Williams is a 2.0 16v 150bhp...I hope you did destroy it! My mate bought my old one and I destroyed him in my 172. I let him get to 80mph and then floored it past him :D
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Yeah, its a shame theyre so underpowered. I think they look very cool tho. Did anyone go to the Birmingham motor show and see that hi-spec (turboed?) Fiesta concept jobby. I really cant remember the name/spec/anything about it, but i think it may have been mid-engined. I wonder when thats coming on sale?


shame about the cav. i raced one two months ago and could not get past it till 130, off the lights u will kill one but once moving those damn vaux engines are strong units


i used to have a vauxhall redtop 150 bhp engine in my calibra and damn that engine took alot of punishment i think if i treated my valver the same iam sure something will

16v pie

dont worry thier made to be driven hard mate. just keep them well serviced and cain them to your heart content


well my dad used to have a gsi2000 and i took it out for aspin and managed to come across a 19 16v, with his girlfriend - so he was trying to show off. was quite evn off the mark but from like 40- 50 up i just pulled away with ease!