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16v vs ST170

I had a race with one the other night, we raced on a bit of dual carriageway, from about 30mph-100mph, and i stayed with it, i thought it would have pulled away from me quite easily, or are they not as quick as i thought they were?

At its heart is a tuned version of the 130PS 2.0-litre Ford Focus Duratec engine, producing 170PS at 7000rpm and 195Nm of torque from 2500rpm. Transmitted through a Durashift six-speed manual gearbox, this is sufficient to allow the Ford Focus ST170 to achieve 0-62mph in 8.2 seconds and a top speed of 133mph

true. Its a shame because (although they were fords) they made some pretty special cars back in the day, RS500, RS200, Escort Cossie, Sierra Cossie, RS Turbos (although 2-a-penny)

Ahh so in theory then according to that 0-60 speed my car should be quicker than it!?! does anyone no the 60-100 time?

I wouldnt agree with the the RS200 or RS Turbo but youve forgotten the capri and mk1/2 escort mexicos and the like


and me rather special MK1 XR2!!!!

you wouldnt agree on the RS200? wasnt even fully developed and it was bonkers.

i would include the anglia!!!!

lol sorry, of course, in standard form though ford didnt really get the hang of hot hatches. Ive never driven an anglia, ive heard theyre a good laugh though! Theres always a race at brands with them in!

From what ive read and seen the RS200 was a very bad handling car (the road version). I know it was extremely fast, indeed the fastest acclerating car in the world to 60 (?) but a special car has to be an all round package. Anyway, hardly accesible to the general public!

none of the group B cars were actually great handling cars....they were all very very nervous.....which is why you had to be a god to drive them competitively.
  CTR EK9 turbo

The RS200 has a properly-mounted mid engine set up. I really really want one! a replica would do. They still look pretty cool as well.