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16v wheel decisions......................

when i did mine i way to much metal off the corroded areas, then the filler didnt joing very well to the alloy when painted meaning that you could see lines where they joined,

i will have another go one day but just rubbing down and re-painting (anthracite!)

mines got very fines cracks i it already,

P,S never buy halfords own silver alloy wheels paint, it comes out like grey primer, not silver at all

weight :

would u mind leaving your email addy or could u contact me on on msn or email

i have a few questions about painting alloys. u seem to have it pretty well perfected

ben h - yours is black anyway, isnt it?
yours is the one with anthercite wheels, right?

thought you may say that jilly

just finished all 4 wheels car off the jack and looking rather tasty!

Yeah mines black with anthracite wheels

Im giving serious consideration to having the wheels done in the same pearlescent black as the body - as long as the finish is durable enough. Is this possible, and to have a finish that will still look good (scratches aside) in a few years? My wheels and their finish are of 1998 vintage at the moment and are doing well considering their age.

The pearlescent effect on my cars bodywork is actually not very good in natural light. But as soon as you take it inside a garage, it really goes crazy - kind of browny/orangey!

One of my MOT certificates has the car down as brown in colour!

ah, didnt realise yours is pearl black!

who you getting to do the wheels??

mine are jet black inside the garage, and go a bit crazy when they see natural daylight! there kinda like gremlins!!

if you get a pro to do them they will be like new, 35-50 ea wheel. no reason i can think off the finish wouldnt last as long as the original. i was speaking to the pro drive (subaru) wheel finisher, a couple of weeks ago that would do them for 50 ea, assured me they would come back like new, it would take him 3 days, as they shot blast them first.

but decided to do them myself, and save the dollar!