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172’s nesting in Bridgend

Do these cars belong to anyone on here?

Ive spotted about six or so different 172s over the last week or so!!

I am one of the 172s in Swansea, Black MKII YS02 ***.

I have seen 4 silver MKIs, 1 blue MKII, 1 red MKII, 1 other black MKII and 1 silver MKII in the Swansea and Llanelli area since I bought mine around 2-3 months ago.

Definitely, Cheesebox is one of the silver MKI owners and I am sure he will be up for a meet sometime. There is Meanstreets in Cardiff soon.

Where are you from then Ben ? Have you seen a Monaco Blue 16v around Swansea with a set of 17" Toora alloys on it ? Saw it the other day and looked mint !

Im from near Cardiff and weve had some good meets, though Ive teamed them up with the RSC rep (Smoothed Clio aka Pete) as in the past as there werent many Cliosport members in this area.

Im actually in Bristol most of the time as Im doing a Masters here and Ive been the Wales/West rep for some time. Someone else is about to take the position of rep for the Bristol/West area though as the Avon & Somerset Police think Im a cruise organiser - and Ill never be able to get any cars together myself without major hassle. Just bear in mind that other people apart from Clio fans read these posts!!

Im going to concentrate on getting people together for some proper Clio-only meets - and avoid cruises as that will get the club a bad name and Ill get hassle again! Theres no problem with Cliosport members going to cruises as individuals, but Cliosport cant afford to be seen to be helping to organise a cruise as theyre technically illegal. In Avon & Somerset there have already been 20 cars crushed as a result!

So basically Ill be organising meets for enthusiasts. If people dont like that then you can get rid of me democratically!

P.S. My car is a very mint pearlescent black 16v, with anthracite competiton-style wheels and leather. Often about in South Wales, especially holidays and weekends.

I speak to Pete aka smoothed clio on msn so I know who he is.

I will have to keep an out for you if you are in the Swansea area then Ben. I nearly bought a black 16v before the 172, very nice cars they are as we all know.
  ff 182

Hi guys how u doing yeah well have to meet sometime.just ordered my bucket seat and gonna sort out some tints and then sorting out my induction kit so it will be like bruns.

Ben when r u back ive got a guy who is a wicked sprayer if u want any work done.

Cheers Pete