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172’s on 18’s!

in this weeks south london autotrader! two of em! silver and black, the black one is dropped on its arse!!!!! on 18s!!!! looks the nads!!! abso the muts nuts!!!! shame itll handle like a tank!

The silver Clio is sporting Platinum 8 alloy wheels. I thought the biggest available for this particular rim was 17"? They look small if they are 18s. The black clio looks muuuuuuuuch better!

Alright Me55ie - when are we gonna meet mate? Is that ur motor mate? Thats Defo a modded 1.2 - those are standard front arches and a bumper of a 1200 - the 172 bumper and arches are flared out whereas 1.2/1.4/1.6 aint!